Why ultra lite?

Lose excess body fat rapidly. You can lose up to 10kg in 5 weeks. Professional one on one support with a qualified ultra lite practitioner. No meal replacement shakes. Eat 3 balanced meals per day-real wholesome, natural food. Stabilise blood sugar levels-suitable for diabetics. 4 ultra lite nutritional sachets taken daily. This helps minimise cravings between meals and provides vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The ultra lite manual and recipe book provides you with over 100 delicious recipes and lists of allowable foods.

I’ve tried so many diets and failed. Why is ultra lite different?

We believe the EDUCATION is the key element to maintaining long term weight management and good health. It will empower you to make better food choices, unlike meal replacements and “quick fix” options which are readily available today. You will learn about different food groups and more importantly, correct portion sizes.

Ultra lite corrects the balance of protein and carbohydrates in today’s diet whilst also addressing hormonal and blood sugar weight related issues.

Who can use Ultra lite?

Ultra lite is a very safe program that is based on eating real food. There are very few health conditions where the program would not be appropriate.

What if I don’t carry much excess weight? Can I still benefit?

The ultra lite program will encourage detoxification of your system. In addition we have a specific detox program. Clients report many health benefits including improved digestion, clearer skin, sharper mind and improved memory. Also there are many risks to even being slightly overweight- type 2 diabetes, fatigue, insomnia, depression, infertility, arthritis, gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.

Is it safe to lose weight quickly?

It is believed that if you lose weight slowly it is more likely to stay off. This is usually the option of people who don’t have a rapid weight loss plan to offer. While you are keen and motivated to make progress, take advantage of that and lose as much weight as you can. After all there is nothing more motivating to continue your program than to see results for your effort. Remember also whether or not you maintain your lower weight depends on whether you exercise and try to break old eating habits NOT on how fast the weight was lost.

What are my options? How much does it cost?

There are four different programs available:

  • 3 week detox and weight loss program
  • 5 week and 10 week weight loss program
  • Lifetime Maintenance Program
  • Endermologie to help reboot your organs to work

There are no joining fees and no special foods. It generally works out about half the cost of many other weight loss programs and you will generally save about $30 a week on your food bill per person.

Is Ultra lite a high protein program?

Ultra lite is not a high protein diet; in fact the amount of protein consumed is based on the recommendation of the world health organisation.

How can I maintain my weigh?

Once you achieve your weight loss goal it is then recommended that you begin the Lifetime Maintenance Program. This is where you can consolidate your knowledge of food values, portion sizes and reintroduce foods that were previously restricted. The Lifetime Maintenance Program will provide you with the skills and knowledge for permanent weigh loss.