Weight Loss

Rejuvenate Wellness Centre Rockhampton uses a ketogenic weight loss program which is nothing like a diet. In our program, we help you make a lifestyle change from your pantry. With ongoing support, knowledge and recipes you will see visible results within 5-10 weeks and even sooner if you combine it with our Endermologie treatments.

Endermologie helps break down stubborn fat deposits, fluid retention and contours your body in targeted areas our therapists focus on. Using a hand-held treatment head from the endermologie machine, the rollers on the head gently lifts the connective tissues and breaking down the fat deposits. These fat deposits, over time end up breaking down and leaving the body by the reoccurring use of the endermologie technology.


We focus on where you have concerns and where you would like to be with your weight loss goal. Providing progress photos and tailoring your program to your dietary requirements and keeping it family friendly as well so you aren’t breaking your grocery budget. The ketogenic program is individually designed for you and your goals. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change that we can help you manage and direct you on the right path for a more fulfilling and energetic future.

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