The Gentle Power of Idetox Ion Cleanse at Rejuvenate Wellness Centre

Our body encounters it daily due to environmental factors such as pollution and artificial chemicals. The process involves soaking the feet in a saltwater bath that uses electrodes to generate a mild electrical charge. This charge aims to rebalance the body’s bio-energy by making the body’s pH levels more alkaline, helping to neutralise and remove toxins through the feet. It’s a natural method that also supports mental and physical energy enhancement.

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What Is Idetox Ion Cleanse?

You’ve likely heard of detox treatments, but the Idetox Ion Cleanse is a unique experience. This process involves an ionically charged footbath that aims to balance your body’s energy pathways. It’s a session that not only offers relaxation but also encourages your body to detoxify efficiently.

Benefits of Idetox Ion Cleanse

Detoxification is a process your body undertakes daily. However, due to our modern lifestyle, sometimes our systems can get overloaded. The Idetox Ion Cleanse may assist in this natural cleanse that allows your body to engage its self-cleansing mechanisms effectively and influencing your energy levels and contributing to a sense of overall well being. This session also provides not just physical but also emotional relief, with some reporting a notable decrease in various body pains and a lift in mood and mental clarity following treatments.

Rejuvenate Detox
Rejuvenate Detox


The Procedure Simplified

You simply place your feet in a warm bath where a controlled ion charge is delivered by the Idetox Ion Cleanse device. Once positioned, the device activates, releasing ions into the water.

As you unwind, the water may change colour, an indication of the detoxification process in action. Each session, generally lasting around 30 minutes, invites you to a moment of peace as the ion cleanse works in tandem with your body’s own systems. The frequency of treatments is personalised, depending on your individual health goals and the guidance of a wellness professional.

Rejuvenate Detox Afterrcare

Aftercare and Maintenance

After an Idetox Ion Cleanse, nurturing your body to maintain its equilibrium is beneficial. Drinking plenty of water is suggested to help flush out any released impurities. Adding antioxidant-rich foods to your diet and Some suggest incorporating moderate exercise into your routine to support the ongoing natural detoxification processes, making it a holistic experience.

Why Choose Us?

At Rejuvenate Wellness Centre, our experienced therapist are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with the Detox Ion Cleanse Foot is both comfortable and beneficial. We offering a service that not only aids in physical detoxification but also promotes mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our approach is honest, straightforward, and focused on delivering tangible benefits to our clients. We believe in the power of natural, holistic therapies to complement traditional medicine and support your body’s innate healing capabilities.


The Idetox Ion Cleanse. It’s a chill way to help your body clean itself out. If you like the sound of a foot soak that might help you feel better, this could be something to try. It’s about taking it easy, letting your feet hang out in water that might just give your body’s cleaning system a little boost. Book our free consultation with Rosanna and find your treatment here & Don’t miss out 10% OFF for all our services.

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