Body Wrap 101: Everything You Need to Know About Formostar Infrared Body Wraps

It’s hard to believe that your body can be working out while you simply lie down and relax. With Formostar’s Infrared Body Wrap, it’s possible. In fact, you can even burn up to 1,200 calories in a single session! This treatment not only helps with fat loss, but it can also help to reduce cellulite, lose centimetres, detoxify the body, and more. All of this can be achieved in just one painless and safe treatment.

Read on to learn more about how body wraps can help with weight loss and cellulite reduction.

Body wrap: A non-invasive cellulite treatment

Imagine being able to see results in just one session! It’s a dream come true for many people who are looking to improve their bodies and overall health. The Formostar Infrared Body Wrap is a proven and effective way to achieve these goals without the need for invasive procedures or prolonged recovery times.

Formastar body wrap

Here’s more to why it won’t hurt to try body wrap treatment for you who are struggling with cellulite or any body figures problems!

1. How body wrap treatments can help lose fat & centimetres

The core temperature of our body is 37°C. The outer areas of the body where most of our fat is stored tend to be around 10°C cooler and are normally poorly supplied with blood. Body wrap treatments use infrared heat, provided through the Formostar systems bandages, that penetrates deeply into the subcutaneous fat tissue. This promotes increased blood circulation and leads to a stimulation of the lipolytic (fat-burning) enzyme activity. 

By applying the bandages directly to the body there is very little heat dissipation, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the whole treatment. Repeated body wrap sessions can stimulate the growth of fine blood vessels, known as capillary proliferation. This increased blood circulation helps to improve the body’s natural purification process by more quickly removing waste products that may be trapped in cells and tissues. Additionally, improved blood flow can have a number of other benefits for the body.

2. Quality-guaranteed cellulite treatment!

The Formostar infrared body wrap treatment is a revolutionary treatment that has been helping people achieve their body contouring and fat loss goals for decades. Developed by the reputable German company Electro Medical Geratebau GmbH in 1983, this innovative treatment has gained widespread popularity and is now used by over 25,000 individuals worldwide. Its non-invasive nature and proven effectiveness have made it a go-to choice for those looking to achieve a slimmer, more toned appearance.

3. The Formostar infrared body wrap system is completely safe!

The technology behind the body wrap treatments may not be a new concept to some. Infrared is a well-proven technology that has been employed by many people all over the world for relieving aches and pains, usually by way of small lamps. 

Infrared panel technology, which is used to produce the heat that targets and eliminates fat cells in the Formostar treatment, is also utilised in hospitals for a variety of purposes, including warming newborn infants. This demonstrates the proven effectiveness and safety of infrared heat for various medical applications. This body wrap can also give you real results after a few sessions. Through our weight loss clinic, try this cellulite treatment and feel the difference within a few sessions!

How does the body wrap treatment work?

The Formostar Infrared Body Wrap treatment typically takes about an hour to complete. During this time, you will be set up for the treatment, which includes being measured and weighed (if desired). 

The treatment involves the use of six high-density silicone bandages that are wrapped around targeted areas of the body, including the upper arms, chest, waist, buttocks, thighs, and calves. Exactly why this is the perfect cellulite treatment because you can choose which part of your body you want! These bandages are designed to produce infrared heat, which helps to target and eliminate fat cells and improve muscle definition.

The actual treatment itself lasts for about 50 minutes. After the treatment is complete, you will be measured and weighed again (if desired). You can start seeing results after a single session, true, but more sessions are recommended for the maximum result. 

You can wear clothes for the whole process. But it is recommended that you wear light, breathable clothing, such as sports pants and a top, to the treatment, as you may sweat during the process. 

It is important to note that the Formostar Infrared Body Wrap is generally a pleasant experience and some individuals even fall asleep during the treatment. However, it is not a replacement for proper diet and exercise. The best results are typically achieved when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. 

If you have more questions on how to combine this body wrap treatment with the ideal diet, book a consultation at our weight loss clinic in Rockhampton. Your initial consultation is free! so book your session with us today!

Ready to wave goodbye to cellulite once and for all?

In conclusion, the Formostar Infrared Body Wrap is a treatment option for individuals seeking non-invasive fat loss and body toning. Remember that this treatment is not a miracle cure and the result will depend on the person and the diet, exercise and lifestyle choices they make. You can visit our weight loss clinic in Rockhampton and learn more about how this body wrap treatment can treat your cellulite and shape your body!

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